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My name is Matt Spinella. I love to paint. I’ve always been a creative-minded person, ever since I was a little kid drawing, coloring, and writing silly stories. My passion for art has grown with me and has become an integral part of my life.

About My Paintings

I create abstract paintings using acrylic paints with strong, vivid colors. Each of the four abstract styles has its own variant of organic movement and energy and requires a different approach. Every painting is an experiment in controlling color and finding a balance between order and chaos. I usually don’t have an idea in mind before beginning a painting. As I paint, my attention is focused on creating out of feeling and improvisation rather than following a plan. Each finished painting is therefore a product of serendipity. By remaining free and loose, this ensures that every painting has its own unique energy and emotion.

Drip Painting: paint is dripped, splashed, or poured onto the canvas. The splatter is an experiment in chaos. Each action and movement emphasizes the physical act of painting and is an essential aspect of the finished piece.

Fluid Painting: paint is poured or dripped onto a canvas. The paint then blends together based on how the canvas is moved, often taking on a life of its own to dictate how the canvas is turned and tilted. After the canvas is tilted for the first time, the rest is down to creating out of feeling and improvisation.

Press Painting: paint is dripped, poured, or splashed first on a flat, level surface, then the canvas is pressed down and manipulated in such a way to make the paint flow and blend together. It is simple in theory, but there are many intricacies to the execution. Slight variations in how the canvas is pressed produce wildly different results.

Spin Painting: paint is drawn toward the edges of a canvas using centrifugal forces. Paint is either placed onto the canvas before spinning, or poured onto an already spinning canvas. The two methods produce different results, and so the desired effect determines which method is utilized.

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